About Us

The founders of Kinect Project Group have extensive experience in the building, construction and allied industries. The realisation came that all construction and project management services operated in a similar manner. They were proficient in the area of expertise however did not provide a full-service from design through to delivery.

The concept for Kinect Project Group was to establish a business that lead the client through the entire journey from design concept, to design, construction, project management right through to delivery. Having one organisation involved in all stages of project lifecycle reduces the risk of miscommunication of plans or intentions from one supplier to the next.

The full-service delivery model provides the business with a number of advantages including placing the business in an advantageous position of ensuring the quality across all stages and facets of the project. An organisation in such a position would possess a distinct competitive advantage in terms of the entire project management, cost-control, communication, and ultimate quality of project delivery.

The difficulty with the model is the immense organisational requirements necessary to coordinate and manage the varied functions across the project lifecycle. This was further exacerbated by the need to engage in an outsourced / contractor model for the bulk of technical services. Ensuring uniform standards across multiple contractors and trades would require a very highly-structured and systemised business.

The directors set about in recruiting high-calibre people to assist in the development of the business structure and operating systems to make the Kinect Project Group concept a reality.

At Kinect Project Group, exceptional customer service is at the heart of our business, and can be felt at all stages of project management – from the initial consultations, to design, project planning, and execution. Kinect’s business successfully relies on repeat business, referrals and referees, which underpins our divergence and continued growth. With our qualified, experienced and professional team, you can see your concept materialize into a well-built customised outcome.

Well-Trained Experts

Years of experience in large and small construction projects mean their problem solving and budget control abilities are brought to the fore on your job providing solutions in Design, Construction and Project Management across a wide range of market sectors including:-

Retail Design & Construction

Commercial Refurbishment & Renovations

Industrial Construction – Factories & Warehouse Outlets

Domestic Refurbishment & Renovations


  • Project Initiation

    Establish Scope & Goals Recruitment

  • Project Planning

    Project Plan Resource Plan Financial Plan Quality Plan Risk Plan Acceptance Plan Communication Plan Procurement Plan

  • Project Execution

    Construction Monitor Ongoing Management Finalise

  • Project Closure

    Client Handover Review